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CATERING BLISS, Where Fine Eating and Playing Music, is for Fine Dining. Listen to Resident DJ JAMAKINMEHUNGRY - Cooking Show ON Tuesdays Cook-Up, From 2pm -3pm. Hear The Latest in World Music - Tuesday 12pm-12am and all Over The Weekend. Phone In Or Chat Online To Make A Request
email catering.bliss@chef.net
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Title: Cbliss Radio
Description: Ecleptic Fusion
Genre: Various
Website: http://www.foodtravelogue.com
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Where Food & Music Dine Out - Listen to The Resident DJ Cooking Show ON Tuesday Cook-Up, From 2pm. Hear The Latest World Music Starting From Tuesday 12-12 And All Over The Weekend. Phone In Or Chat Online-Make A Request email catering.bliss@chef.net[/url] QYPE catering bliss...Follow the show on our Facebook page and join in with requests while the show is live on the air.

Contact us with any Food or Music request via our web at www.foodtravelogue and we will do our very best to cookup or play it out for you.

Look out for 'Special' shows dedicated to cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

Plus ... exclusive tracks from up and coming artistes & bands as well as pre-released album previews from more established artists.

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If Music Be The Food Of Love PLAY ON.